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Moving And Cleaning Are One In The Same

The acts of “moving” and “cleaning” go hand in hand. Whether renting and moving out, or owning and trying to sell, there is no way around having to clean your space. Probably one of the most underestimated parts of the moving process is the clean up. This is especially so as it’s the last act in a long and usually arduous series of events.

The idea of selling a house and moving can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Moving always brings about a sense of renewal, a chance to start fresh in a new home and possibly a new town. But the tasks involved in the process of selling a home and moving are also sources of stress on any home owner.

Receiving top dollar for a sale of a home is a desire and, in many cases, a necessity for sellers. Most people begin the acts of sorting, discarding, boxing, and storing of items with relative ease and energy. But as this process progresses, it becomes all too clear that the majority of the work lies in the clean up ahead. Whether you are showing your home while living in it, or if you are moving out prior to placing it on the market, cleaning is a top priority.

First impressions are all too important for potential home buyers. It’s easy for homeowners to clean to their standard of which they have become accustomed and overlooking problematic areas. The task of moving in general can be overwhelming, and cleaning can most definitely take a back seat. Many experienced realtors and movers advise the use of a professional cleaning or janitorial service. Utilizing a company that specializes in cleaning services can decrease stress while ensuring the home shows at it’s best to potential buyers.

While the potential sale of a home is a motivator for cleaning, getting back a lease deposit is as well. Leasing agents estimate an appropriate amount of wear and tear on a rental property and factor that into the deposit. Most renters hope to receive at least a partial amount of return on their deposit. A professional service can ensure that all aspects of the space looks as good as new. Items we may forget like in and around appliances, bathroom fixtures, carpets and tile can make or break the overall cleanliness of the space.

It is important to take the cleaning of your home seriously in the very beginning of planning your move and or sale. We all too often underestimate what it will take to clean a home and then become overwhelmed. It is essential to secure a competent cleaning service in advance to ensure quality and availability. Understanding the totality of the process of which you are embarking will ultimately allow you to spend your time and money where needed most and save and or make money in the end.

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