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Office Cleaning

Keep your office looking spotless with commercial and office cleaning services in Houston, TX. Your employees, partners, and your customers will feel more comfortable in a cleaner environment.

Residential Cleaning

Whether you need ongoing residential cleaning every day or week, or you're just looking for a little monthly support, turn to Royal Janitorial Services. Our house cleaning team will help you keep your home spotless.

Mobile Detailing

We offer a full array of interior and exterior auto detailing services and WE COME TO YOU!

Move In/Out Cleaning

We specialize in Move-Out and Move-In cleaning.  If you need every inch of your home thoroughly, powerfully, brilliantly scrubbed, polished, and revived, we are the right company for you!

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction can get messy. Our professional construction cleaning services are fast and affordable. Our skilled professionals can take care of all your post construction cleaning needs.

Property/Bldg Maintenance

We will organize a flexible cleaning plan to take care of all your commercial building maintenance. Because we are fully bonded and insured. So, you don’t have to be physically present when we clean.

Financial Institutions

We are experts in providing quality cleaning services to banks and financial institutions.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your building is a necessity for keeping up appearances and implementing preventative maintenance on your exterior walls.

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